Our school successfully held EU Erasmus + “remote sensing education and learning innovation” assessment and teacher training

By Miss Yanke Zhang and Mr. Jinliang Wang from Yunnan Normal University in Kunming / Updated: 2019-12-19

From November 21st to 28th, 2019, the School of Tourism and Geographical Sciences of Yunnan Normal University hosted the Erasmus + Innovation of Remote Sensing Education and Learning (IRSEL) 2019 Annual Evaluation Meeting and Teacher Training. From University of Obuda (Hungary), University of Natural Resources and Life Sciences (Austria), University of Jagiellon (Poland), University of Twente (Netherlands), Khon Kaen University (Thailand), Asia Institute of Technology (Thailand), Fujian Normal University, Yunnan Normal University, Yunnan University, Southwest Forestry University, Chuxiong Teachers College, Zhaotong College, Wenshan College, Yunnan Geological Survey, Yunnan Railway Design Company, Yunnan Hanzhe Technology New Company and many other domestic companies More than 50 experts, scholars and graduate students from domestic and foreign universities and enterprises participated in the conference and various activities.

Erasmus + is a large-scale cooperation project established by the European Commission in the field of higher education, which aims to promote academic and research exchanges and personnel training among EU universities worldwide. The main goal of the Remote Sensing Education and Learning Innovation Project (IRSEL project) under this framework is to develop a new type of remote sensing (RS) learning management platform (LMS) to promote the professional development of personnel in remote sensing and related disciplines. Partners of the “Remote Sensing Education and Learning Innovation” (IRSEL) project, including University of Obuda, Hungary, University of Natural Resources and Life Sciences of Austria, University of Jagiellon, Poland, University of Twente, Netherlands, Fujian Normal University and Yunnan Normal University, China, Asian Institute of Technology and Khon Kaen University, Thailand, in all 8 universities. The IRSEL project totals 994,400 euros, which is mainly used for the development of teaching materials, the development of knowledge centers, the development of learning platforms, academic and project management exchanges, and the purchase of equipment in 4 universities in Asia. The project implementation period is 3 years (2017/10 / 15-2020 / 10/15), and a total of 8 academic seminars and training meetings are held, which are organized in turn by 8 higher education institutions participating in the project cooperation.

The meeting was hosted by Professor Lorant Foldvary and Professor Jinliang Wang of our university, and it was conducted in the order of opening ceremony, conference discussion and closing ceremony. The opening ceremony was held on the morning of November 21. Zongli Liu, Vice President of Yunnan Normal University, and Huasong Luo, Dean of the School of Tourism and Geographical Sciences, attended the opening ceremony and gave a welcome speech and introduced respectively the development of Yunnan Normal University and the School of Tourism and Geographical Sciencethe IRSEL project. Professor Lorant Foldvary, on behalf of the participating scholars, thanked our university for the warm reception and spoke highly of the significance of this meeting.

During the meeting, representatives of each school reported the progress and implementation plan of the IRSEL project, and actively discussed and exchanged the existing problems. Teacher Li Lin of Yunnan Normal University trained the remote sensing teachers in the micro-teaching method. In addition, the participants also visited the Resources and Environmental Remote Sensing Laboratory of the School of Tourism and Geographical Sciences of Yunnan Normal University.

The closing ceremony was held on the morning of November 28th. Professor Bela Dezso Markus from the University of Obuda issued an honorary certificate to the teachers of remote sensing and summarized the conference. They fully affirmed the exchange results obtained at this conference and hope that scholars from all countries can work together. The development of remote sensing geographic information technology reached a new level, and the conference ended in a warm atmosphere.

The conference promoted academic exchanges between Yunnan Normal University and universities at home and abroad, enhanced the international level and regional cooperation ability of remote sensing education and innovation in our university, established a geography teaching exchange platform, and achieved the expected conference effect. With complete success. (Contributed by the School of Tourism and Geographical Sciences)

Group photo at the opening ceremony
Welcome Speech by Vice President Liu Zongli of Yunnan Normal University
Report on project progress
Participants design micro-lesson
Award certificate at the closing ceremony

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