Competence development: Workshop on remote sensing experiences, Workshop on innovative teaching/learning methodologies, Train-the-teachers on learning management technologies. The activities result recommendations to improve learning support methodologies and updates the knowledge on remote sensing with the most recent results.
The hardware/software infrastructure of partner Asian universities will be developed by implementing a Knowledge Centre for the benefit of remote sensing applications, not exclusively for IRSEL partners, but covering the interdisciplinary users. A Feasibility study of post-project actions and a Business plan will ensure the sustainability of Knowledge Centres.
The eLearning culture is improved by implementing the Learning Management System. It results an IT platform for acquiring and sharing knowledge; eLearning Modules, learning guides, dissemination material.
Behind the improved traditional quality assurance processes, a new Quality Enhancement Programme will be introduced.
Partner Asian institutions will be able to increase cooperation with EU research institutes.
Society benefit from innovations is the wide range application of remote sensing observations, including applications for different tasks of environmental protection, agriculture, forestry and fishery, physical sciences, engineering and engineering trades, transport services, security services .

Specific outputs:
International cooperation and agreements
New revised curricula
20 new modules
60 teachers retrained on workshops and a training
4 Knowledge Centres
Knowledge sharing platform, e-Learning infrastructure, Learning Managment System
Quality Manual, Quality monitoring reports, workshop, Course Evaluation Plan
Feasibility Study and Business Plan of Post-project Actions, Learning Guides, 20 students will be trained on a Summer School
PR materials, project website, publications, multiplier events