Success of the IRSEL project in Fujian Province, China

The IRSEL project coordinated by the Alba Regia Technical Faculty of the Óbuda University has not been completed, but its results are already highly recognized in China. The main objective of the project is to spread the applications of space technology as widely as possible. Thanks to its nearly three-year project activities, international curriculum development, and trainings in European and Asian locations, the Fujian Ministry of Education of China awarded our partner, Fujian Normal University (FNU, Fuzhou) the highest award for “university education effectiveness” for the development of an international innovative education model and its introduction into education. The model is based on achievements of the ERASMUS+ IRSEL project. In addition to Prof. Sha Jinming (FNU) and his team our other Chinese project partner, Yunnan Normal University in Kunming participated in the development of the model and Zhejiang University contributed to the success as associate partner.

Results achieved thanks to the innovation model:

  • Innovative cooperation between China and Europe, mutual recognition of IRSEL credits and integration into the international educational community.
  • Based on the international cooperation established thanks to the Chinese educational resources and the IRSEL project, a Eurasian, geoinformatics, professional group was established, which developed professional remote sensing-based environmental resource monitoring courses.
  • The results of the project have started to be put into practice in Chinese higher education, as the introduction of remote sensing in education is essential for the widespread, societal dissemination of the application of advanced remote sensing technology.

Congratulations to our Chinese colleagues for the award and as the project coordinator we are proud of the recognition!

Remote sensing training in the computer laboratory installed with the support of the IRSEL project