Teacher Training Workshop on learning management at YNNU

The opening of the workshop was chaired by Lorant Foldvary, international coordinator of IRSEL project and Professor Wang Jinliang from the host university. The representatives of each partner university reported the progress of the project and implementation plan respectively, discussed and communicated about the existing problems. Accompanied by teachers of YNNU, the participants visited the Remote Sensing laboratory of Resources and Environment and campus of YNNU.

Opening of the workshop

Sarawut Ninsawat (AIT) presented the concepts of D8.1 Feasibility study of post-project actions and D8.2 Business plan development. Another important issue in his session was the programme and logistics of the Summer School.
Professor Li LIN from YNNU presented new teaching methods emerging in the “micro” era. In the practical sessions teachers of each Asian university formed a group, where after the discussions about more acceptable and efficient learning methods, the teachers developed micro-classes in groups. Finally each group conducted group reports and presented trial lectures in a pleasant atmosphere.

Group presentations on minicourse trials

The closing ceremony was led by Professor Wang Jinliang. Professor Bela Markus from Obuda University summarized the experiences of the workshop and awarded certificates to the remote sensing teachers. He pointed out that the workshop fitted very well to the goal of the project is to promote the field of remote sensing education and learning on a global level, and strengthen the sustainable development of remote sensing science and technology in multidisciplinary and interdisciplinary fields. The workshop came to the end in a warm atmosphere.

YNNU and FNU workshop participants with a mind-map of future perspectives

(Contributed by the School of Tourism and Geographical Sciences, YNNU)