The Second Review Meeting in Kunming at YNNU

The Second Review meeting and multiplier event #3 was held at YNNU (Kunming, China) on 21-23 November 2019.

Professor Liu Zongli, vice president of Yunnan Normal University, Professor Luo Huasong, dean of the School of Tourism and Geographic Sciences (STGS), and Wang Jinliang, vice dean of Yunnan Normal University attended the opening ceremony. In his speech, vice president Liu Zongli welcomed the experts and scholars at home and abroad who participated in the conference, and introduced the regional characteristics of Yunnan Province and the history of STGS to participants from all over the world. He pointed out that the conference has a great impact on remote sensing technology innovation, geographic information disciplines and the construction of the first-level discipline of geography is of great significance.

Luo Huasong, dean of the STGS, greeted the arrival of experts and scholars, and introduces the academic construction and development status of the school. He said that the “remote sensing education research innovation” has gathered the strength of many remote sensing experts and scholars in the European Union and the Asia-Pacific region. It is of great significance, and it is hoped that this cooperation model can continue.

Lorant Foldvary the coordinator of the IRSEL project expressed gratitude to STGS for the warm reception on behalf of scholars from various countries, and pointed out that the academic exchanges and cooperation of 8 universities can promote the international development of remote sensing in each university, which is of far-reaching significance.

Group photo after the opening ceremony

The objectives of the meeting were to discuss the results of testing the IRSEL Knowledge Pool and modules in pilot courses; to talk over the External Evaluation Report #2 and to plan the necessary measures; to summarize experiences of the Workshop on innovative teaching and learning in Cracow; to finalize the Train-the-teachers workshop on learning management technologies; to present the IT platform and Knowledge Centres installed at Asian Partner universities.

The meeting was very useful for fine-tuning of purchase of software and data bases. The final draft of the Business Model and plans of the post-project actions were accepted. The project team has made decisions and gave recommendations for the last period.

IRSEL 2nd Review Meeting

After the Second Review Meeting a four-day Train-the-teachers on learning management (WP4.3) workshop was organized jointly (25-28 November 2019).